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Here in Crafts Hill we are always looking for new volunteers to join us on our adventure so that we can give the young people the Scouting experience that we all want. This may be those who are new to the Crafts Hill District having been Scouting elsewhere in the country, or just someone who feels that they would like to be involved.

Please take a look at just some of the current adult volunteering opportunities listed below. The roles can be working directly with the young people or in support roles that cover everything from finance to photography and websites to training.

Think you are just too busy? Please think again, as whether you can spare a few hours a year or a week there is bound to be a role for you, no matter if you are 18 or 80! (yes, you are never too old).

To find out more or to apply click on the “apply for role” button below and add your details in an email to our District Commissioner, you will always get a swift reply.

If you don’t see anything that appeals please just email with your ideas as there is always something else we can offer.