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Crafts Hill Explorer Unit – Panthers

Scouting covers all ages from 6 -25 years old. Explorers are aged between 14 and 18 years old and follow the Scout Section. Those over 18 are able to join Network which is available until 25 years old.

Explorers is therefore for those young adults who wish to enjoy a Scouting experience which provides an exciting and demanding programme that would not be available anywhere else in similar youth organisations.

Specifically, Explorers are asked to plan activities that they wish to do and take part in. The role of the Leader is to facilitate these activity choices. This means the amount of fun and learning that you do is “down to you”. Success and enjoyment goes with doing what you want in a secure and safe environment and backed by the Scout movement and its vast history in this youth field. Your contributions will help to make the Explorer experience great, it’s also about flexibility for you to join in when you want.

This age group do have other important matters to consider, exams, sports, relationships or other things that clash sometimes, so just let us know if you’re not able to make a meeting.

You do not need to have progressed through Scouting to become an Explorer, you can join at anytime providing you are within the age range 14 to 18.

Panther Explorers is mainly for young people from Bar Hill, Cottenham, Histon, Longstanton, Northstowe Over, Oakington, Rampton, Swavesey and Willingham. However, you are able to join Panther Explorers from anywhere within the Craft Hill District. This can be found under the “Groups” tab, and then “Group locations map”

As we cover many villages, and to avoid travelling distances every week, we move around villages so the young person will get a wider range of things to do.

Subs, a termly payment for Explorers, cover membership, scarf, badges, weekly activities. Extra cost for some outside activities like Camps, climbing may need extra payment.

After a few weeks if you’re happy to join we will ask you to get your uniform so you can be invested into the Unit.

You will have an opportunity to gain your DofE Bronze, Silver and Gold awards or you can also start with a higher award should you wish, depending on your age, e.g. if you missed out on doing the Bronze in Year 9 at school. You could also take on the slightly more advanced Chief Scouts Awards (Gold, Platinum and Diamond) at the same time as doing DofE, and possibly even try for the Queen’s Scout Award.

Young Leaders

Also see here for information about the scheme for Explorers, which looks very good on a CV when applying for a job!

Contact Information

Sean CooperExplorer Scout Leader
For membership enquiries please contact us using the email button below.

Catchment Area

Whole District, Based in Willingham