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Getting Started

When you are appointed as a leader you need to attend a panel, then complete the “Getting Started” part of the training. For a Leader role this will consist of the following, which should be completed within the first 5 months:

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3

The rest of the Training

Once Getting Started is done, the remaining modules should be done within the next two and a half years. Again, this can seem a lot, so before we list the modules, it’s worth making a few basic points – which I hope will “lighten the load”

1. Previous experience counts. If any other activities, or life experiences covers the ground of a module, you may not need to do anything more then verify it with your TA
2. If you are taking an active role within a section where you are helping to run a group/organising things and planning, you will probably be covering most of the ground the modules cover

Module 5
Module 9
Module 12 B
Module 16
Module 6
Module 10
Module 13
Module 17
Module 7
Module 11
Module 14
Module 18
Module 8
Module 12 A
Module 15
Module 19