More than 6,000 young people aged 6-25 across Cambridgeshire enjoy the Scouting adventure every week through Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorer Scouts and the Scout Network.

Scouting opportunities are possible thanks to dedicated individuals who work together to provide varied and challenging activities for young people. Currently over 1,000 adult volunteers in Cambridgeshire play a major part in delivering this amazing adventure week in, week out.

We are looking for even more enthusiastic adults who would like to develop scouting further by offering to share their skills, knowledge and experience by becoming leaders, assistants, helpers or supporters.

By offering as little as 30 minutes to 4 hours per week, you can make a huge difference to the sort of activities being provided to the young people, whether it’s going out on a trip, helping them learn new skills or participating in events which make a difference to the whole community. In turn, we will be able to offer the scouting adventure to more young people.

If you live or work in Cambridgeshire and would like to put something back into the community then please get in touch. Whatever the role, extensive training and support are available. So how exactly can you get involved? 

Section Leader

Become a Section Leader and take charge of the week-to-week running of a colony, pack, troop or unit. If you’re interested in taking Beavers on a trip, Cubs on a camp, Scouts for a swim or Explorers on an expedition, this is your chance to run a programme that you think is right for the scouts. If you can lead a team of adults, make important decisions and take responsibility as well as delegating it, this may be the ideal appointment for you.

Assistant Leader

Become an Assistant Leader and get involved with the week-to-week running of a colony, pack, troop or unit. Take on responsibilities you are happy with as agreed by you and your section leader and help to deliver a varied, structure programme of activities and games for your scouts. If you’re enthusiastic, willing and can work on initiative as part of a team, this may be the appointment for you. 

Young Leader (Aged 14-18)

Become a Young Leader and be an important part of the team. Take on responsibilities that you are happy with whilst helping out under the supervision of the Section Leader. Learn and develop new leadership skills whilst using your youth and experience to build a good rapport with both the scouts and the leadership team. Become a respected individual who can work hard, but play hard too as an integral part of any colony, pack or troop. If you are looking for a new challenge or have aspirations to become a leader, this is definitely an appointment worth considering. (Also counts as “Service” for the Duke of Edinburgh Award) 


Become a Helper/Assistant and be an important part of any colony, pack, troop or unit meeting. Though helpers do not have a direct influence on the programme, they make sure the programme on offer can be delivered effectively by taking on tasks during the weekly scout meetings. Something as simple as setting up activities, refereeing games or supervising on trips are just a few of the common tasks delegated to Helpers/Assistants. If you’re happy to take on basic responsibilities but don’t want the burden of leadership, are able and willing to participate and can work well as part of a team then this may be the appointment for you. 


Though a supporter does not have any involvement in the weekly scout meetings their function is to support the scouts by providing a service. The service they provide can take many forms, whether it’s administrative (letter writing, record keeping), financial (fundraising, account keeping), or influential (an Executive member who helps make important decisions about the group or a promoter). Supporters are an asset to any scout group and can take on outside responsibilities that would otherwise be left to leaders, which can sometimes prove problematic. If you would prefer not to be involved with the young people but can spare the time to help the scouts administratively, can raise funds for new and exciting activities or can help raise the profile of a local group then this may be the perfect appointment for you.

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