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Back together F2F safely

Refer to the County website for the up-to-date information Back together Safely and to check the current level for return.

We are glad, as a District, to see so many Sections having started back F2F over the last couple of months.

When considering making that first step, keep your plans simple, it’s not a race to restart and you can team up with another Section (or Group) to pool ideas, resources and differing skills whilst still meeting the attendee numbers requirement.

Crafts Hill District have gone to great lengths to make the job of completing a Risk Assessment as simple as possible, whilst providing updates as they come up. Also, and to make the job of ‘Assessing” these submitted RA’s as simple too, it is important that all Leaders adopt the forms that we are promoting. Assessors are working adults in their “real” life, not to mention their F2F Scouting evenings, so it is beneficial to all to make their lives easier too. Rather than put the latest issues of the forms here on the Web page, please contact enquiries@craftshillscouts.org.uk for updates when you are ready to make a start.

The County Web page, link above, will include updates, so do keep an eye on them:-

Recent restart changes to be followed by all include: 

  • QR codes: If you have your own venue, you now need to provide a printed QR code to enable those who are 16 and over to use the NHS Test and Trace app. The unique code for your venue can be generated here. This does not replace our guidance on keeping records of attendance which can be found here.
  • Indoor activities are now allowed, but outdoor activities are preferred and should be encouraged.
  • Activities involving young people: 15 young people and up to 5 leaders (includes Young Leaders).
  • Scout Network programmed activities: 6 people maximum
  • Adult activities (non-social) with no young people present: 6 people maximum.
  • Young people must stay in their limited group size but adults will now be able to move between these groups, i.e. across the 25m spacing if outdoors or to a section meeting at a different time on the same day.
  • Leaders don’t need to wear a face covering when delivering activities – however, it’s recommended to wear one in all other circumstances while indoors.
  • Scouts and Explorers must now wear face coverings indoors. Exceptions as per national guidelines are permitted.
  • For now, all young people in all sections must continue to social distance by 2m from each other where possible and from adult volunteers at all times.

Remembrance, Bonfire and fireworks events; read more here

Finally, your Risk Assessment must be approved by District before any face to face activities can take place.