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Local Training Manager

Ian Dugdale is the County Local Training Manager for the district. He administers the verification of modules and puts forward Wood Badge recommendations. He works closely with the Training Advisers and the County Training Manager to help the leaders train for their roles.

Ian Dugdale
Ian DugdaleLocal Training Manager

Training Advisers

The (County) Training Advisors (TA’s). Upon appointment, adults are assigned a TA. Your TA is likely to be the same person for all your group, though if for any reason you prefer someone else that can be arranged. TAs report to the LTm and can update verifications directly in Compass

GSLs can act as TAs too, but would need to contact the LTM to confirm validation within Compass. It is recommended that GSLs think about becoming TAs – if they wish to they should contact the LTM or County Training Manager

The currently assigned TAs are

Ian DugdaleTraining Adviser
1st Bourn, 1st Cambourne, 2nd Cambourne
Marina DellerTraining Adviser
1st Bar Hill, 2nd Cottenham, 1st Willingham
Giles WilliamsTraining Adviser
1st Over
Ian DouglasTraining Adviser
1st Comberton, 1st Oakington
Richard MartinTraining Adviser
1st Histon
Paul WooldridgeTraining Adviser
1st Hardwick/Highfields, 1st Caldicote
Linda MayerTraining Adviser
1st Swavesey